The aluminium structural system
& conveyors

Discover the landless world of optional aluminium structural systems. Give vent to creativity and design your own assembly.

Aluminium structural system

Owing to the standard components of the aluminium structural system (ALS) we are capable of producing the machine frames, safety protections of workplaces and machines, work benches, trucks, transport systems, assembly lines, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, manipulators, and the entire manufacturing facilities.

Advantages of the aluminium structural system:

  • speed of system operations
  • simple implementation of the intended aggregate
  • adaptability within further solutions and new demands

Product line

Pallet transport system

It is intended for the interstation transport on the assembly lines

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Belt conveyors

They are intended for the interstation transport in various types of plants

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Roller-type conveyors

Application for the single-piece products of higher weights

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Plate conveyors ALUFLEX

Suitable for transport and accumulation of the single-piece products or blanks

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Modular conveyors

They are intended for the interstation transport of products and blanks

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Accumulation chain conveyors

They are convenient to be used separately and for installation into the larger transport units

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Linear guide ALUTEC KK

They are intended for a simple and accurate positioning at the work benches, machines and equipment

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Tubular structural system

Flexible solution to create individual assemblies

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Adjusting feet

The feet with a vibration-proof non-skid rubber and angular-setting shank with metric thread

Dopravníky destičkové ALUFLEX

Milpass protective guards

Extreme modularity and emphasis on simplicity of assembly and guard maintenance

Protective Fencing


The aluminium covers and protective fencing feature high flexibility and reliabilit

Modular Workbenches


Modular workbenches are designed to meet specific customer request with emphasis on the quality of processing

Custom design

In the projection process we use a special software of Invertor type where we employ a modular method to project the entire protective guard assembly.

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